Passion Maps™ comes to beautiful Adelaide
March 3 - 12, 2020

Experience what is arguably the most powerful program available to connect deeply with your inner knowing. Discover the essence of your passions in the peaceful and serene retreat venue,

The Farm for Wellbeing.
Take a deep dive into feeling really ALIVE!


"It was extraordinary! I would not have thought it could engender change so quickly. From the moment I picked up my pen to write the prep questionnaire, I was 'in process'. The overall experience was of a feeling that I was opening new doors to myself and definitely closing old doors. A feeling of sacred: that this was MY LIFE and MY PASSION."  Gerry Lennon, Video Producer and Instructional Designer

Passion Maps™ are unique to each individual and enable people from all walks of life to connect with their inner knowing and intuition in a deeply personal and experiential manner. In our Personal Passion Mapping™ Programs, we guide you to develop your own Passion Map™, create a guiding life aspiration or purpose statement as well as a personal vision and key initiatives.

The Relationship Passion Map program is a powerful way to take your partnership a step, or leap, further – to deepen your understanding of each other and the way you create relationship: to clarify your intention for being together; open up channels of communication; foster a mutual trust; transform relationship tensions; and bring about the highest good for both partners.

Our programs have created amazing results with not only individuals and partners, but also with organisations across a diverse range of industries such as IT, professional services, financial, telecommunications, government and not-for-profit sectors. All of our programs are capable of being assessed qualitatively and quantitatively as we aim to deliver only magnificent programs for clients. Passion has brought people together in community, developed a shared understanding of one another and potent way of working together in an ever-changing world. Organisations that use passion effectively and genuinely have a much greater capacity to achieve business goals and make a difference in the world.

"“I loved the experience of creating a Relationship Passion Map. We took elements from our individual maps and brought them together in a beautiful pattern that holds a lot of meaning for both of us. It was a wonderful experience of finding what it is that we have in common and what it is that excites us and juices our partnership.” Mia Borodacz, Movement and Dance Facilitator 

Elevate the passion and vitality in your relationship.

Did you know that there is a powerful and effective process that allows you to explore your essence with your partner  in a deep and intimate way?

This March 2020, we have exciting news for couples! As Passion Maps™ brings its powerful programs to Adelaide for the first time, we are offering our Relationship Passion Mapping Program for FREE.

Yes, you read that correctly; ♥FREE

We will be hosting pop-up Passion Mapping workshops from the 3rd to the 12th of March 

If you want to establish a potent foundation for your relationship, register now. Not sure this event is for you?

We prepared an introductory evening that would be of interest to you. 


  • Have better sex.
  • Discover & clarify your shared passions.
  • Know the essence of who you are together.
  • Explore the purpose and potential in your relationship.
  • Create the direction and momentum you need to realise your dreams together.
  • Develop passionate initiatives and steps to move forward as a couple.
  • Build up trust & appreciation for each other.
  • Identify what both partners intend to consciously contribute to the relationship, and what they do not.
  • Improve communication with each other.

What to look forward on these days
There are many options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
3 March
  • Passion Mapping introductory promotional evening

    6.30 - 8.30pm in Unley

    For RSVP contact Ally at:

    [email protected]


    +61 4 1903 8310

4, 5, & 6 March
  • Personal Passion Mapping  session 
  • 6-week follow up for all participants

    Two-day workshop facilitated by PM Master Coach

    Check-in session

    Completion certificate

    6 March 2020 - Relationship Passion Mapping

10, 11 & 12 March
  • Three-day workshop facilitated by PM Master Coach

    Includes Business Development Session

    Supervision of four qualifying courses

    Six Mapper kits valued at $420

    Six weeks of mentored practice

    Accreditation Certificate

    Couples PM program demo if possible

    Entitlement to facilitate Personal Passion Maps

    To attend Relationship PM Accreditation Course ($250)

    To attend master training

A couple signing up together to either program will receive a FREE Relationship Passion Map
Event Hosts

Peter Wallman

Peter Wallman is the author of best selling “The Wisdom of Passion” and inventor of Passion Mapping™ which enable individuals, pairs and groups to connect with their deepest essence and to generate clarity about what is most important and fulfilling for them. He is a world leader in techniques to discover, ignite and direct passion in people and organisations.
 Passion Maps has been used in different situations including leadership development retreats, team building, innovation, coaching and OD strategy. Peter worked in multiple roles and industries before focusing on the power of passion to improve individual lives and organisational performance. One of these roles was 10 years Peter as CEO of an international investment bank. He has also led many retreats for senior executives from diverse locations and backgrounds.

Ally Thomas

Ally is an author, Transformational Relationship Coach, and Tantra Teacher and Trainer. She has been teaching Tantra to men women and couples for over 12 years in Australia. She is passionate about creating a safe space in which she can help people change and heal -  themselves, their relationship with each other, to relax and surrender and to give and receive love. She is the author of the book “What Men and Women Really Want - 6 Tantric Love Secrets”. Based in Adelaide, she travels to capital cities and centres around Australia. Using NLP techniques, she has helped many people to shift their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about themselves to love themselves more.

Ally’s mission and passion is to connect, educate and empower people by giving and receiving love with joy and bliss and peace.

Passion Mapping™Program Options
We invite you to spend time with us in The Farm for Well Being. Choose to embark upon your own personal journey of discovery into your passions or share this very special experience with your partner
Individual Program

AUD $750 Regular Price

AUD $525 Early Bird

Couples Program

AUD $1,350 Regular Price

AUD $990 Early Bird

Coach Training

 AUD $ 2,250 Regular Price

AUD $1,990 Early Bird

The Venue

The Farm for Wellbeing is a peaceful and serene retreat venue set on over 23 acres of native bushland in the Adelaide Hills offering regular events, retreat weekends, workshops, networking and personal growth groups.

This divine space can accommodate up to 12 people, dormitory style, in the fully self-contained homestead for overnight stays, as well as private room hire and a practitioner treatment room.

Owner and creator Joan Carpenter offers a number of healing services from her treatment space through her business Listening Hands Therapy and also facilitates the Wise Woman Within You groups regularly at The Farm for Wellbeing.

 The Farm For Wellbeing is located at 11 Willis Road, Flaxley, SA

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