Passion Maps™ Coach Training
October 5, 2020

A virtual coach training course for Online Passion Mapping

This course enables you to build on your facilitation & coaching skills and capabilities and deliver added value to your clients.

Our Passion Maps™ Coaches are committed to using the transformational power of Passion Mapping™ towards creating a more passionate, conscious and sustainable world.
Our unique tool, the Personal Passion Map™, has proven its effectiveness as a key component of coaching, facilitating, leadership, strategy and career development.
Build strategies to integrate Passion Mapping™ techniques and programs into your existing business or practice. An accredited facilitator points the Client in the direction of their core passions while holding a safe space.

Inspire your clients – be at the leading edge of coaching

What to expect

The course will be fully online. You will be observing the Master Coach & inventor of Passion Maps™, Peter Wallman, facilitate an online Passion Maps ™ course, and participate in training sessions.
You will be given the opportunity to facilitate qualifying courses with your own clients.

This course offers a co-creative, collaborative journey of personal and professional growth through a series of intensive engagements of increasing challenge towards self- realisation, wisdom and mastery.

Harness the power and energy of passion
Create powerful personal shifts from a place of deeper insight
Explore what creates meaning and purpose

“Gave me lots of ideas for how to integrate it into my existing consulting and coaching practice” - Roger West Senior Consultant, Westwood Spice
Generate business value by using Passion Mapping to:
  • Expand your own range of skills and professional offerings
  • Add value to your existing offerings
  • Engage and attract new clients
  • Empassion your business or practice
  • Build programs that can be done remotely
Join our growing community of professionals to:
  • Learn from and support one another
  • Co-create new business applications together
  • Strengthen the success and impact of your work
  • Generate a compelling shared vision for our work in the world
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