Passion Maps™ comes to beautiful Toronto
December 8 - 10, 2017
Experience what is arguably the most powerful program available to connect deeply with your inner knowing. Discover the essence of your passions amongst the elegance and vibrancy of this beautiful city.
Take a deep dive into feeling really ALIVE!
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"It was extraordinary! I would not have thought it could engender change so quickly. From the moment I picked up my pen to write the prep questionnaire, I was 'in process'. The overall experience was of a feeling that I was opening new doors to myself and definitely closing old doors. A feeling of sacred: that this was MY LIFE and MY PASSION."  Gerry Lennon, Video Producer and Instructional Designer.

Personal Passion Maps™ are unique to each individual and enable people from all walks of life to connect with their inner knowing and intuition in a deeply personal and experiential manner. In our Personal Passion Mapping™ Programs, we guide you to develop your own Passion Map™, create a guiding life aspiration or purpose statement as well as a personal vision and key initiatives. 
Our programs have created amazing results with not only individuals, but also with organisations across a diverse range of industries such as IT, professional services, financial, telecommunications, government and not-for-profit sectors. All of our programs are capable of being assessed qualitatively and quantitatively as we aim to deliver only magnificent programs for clients. Passion has brought people together in community, developed a shared understanding of one another and potent way of working together in an ever-changing world. Organisations that use passion effectively and genuinely have a much greater capacity to achieve business goals and make a difference in the world.

"It was exciting. I enjoyed it hugely. It was tremendously clarifying - especially feeling how my body responds with unflinching honesty. It provided me with an incredible sense of self-confidence - to know that I, through my body responses truly know what I want in my life and what's best for me. Now I can trust myself. I also loved the entire journey of it - it's playfulness; it's challenges and it's surprises."  Lenny DeVries, Choreographer/Dancer

Passion Mapping™ Program Options
We invite you to spend time with us in Toronto, Canada.
Choose to embark upon your own personal journey of discovery into your passions.
Individual Program
US $ 750
  • A gateway to living your life and your passions in the fullest, most authentic way
  • Connect with your deeper inner knowing in an experiential manner
  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of Toronto to refresh your spirit
Both Personal &
Accreditation Program
US $ 1,500
  • Intensive training building key knowledge and skills
  • Build on process learned from your own Personal Passion Map to guide your clients
  • Mobilise your coaching business with fresh energy and insights from your own Passion Map
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