Deep Dive Program

an online Passion Mapping™ program

Have you ever felt unable to make important decisions, because you’re unclear about what your passions are?

Do you lack energy, excitement, and creativity in your life?

Do you feel disconnected from the essence of who you are?

Are you struggling to think straight with all the chaos around you?

Feeling off balance?

The program is about you: the core of who you are and the essence of what energises and inspires you.

Partake in the Deep Dive program where we use unique tools and methodologies that will help take you to your core.

This is an online Passion Mapping program.
Our unique tool, the Personal Passion Map™, has proven its effectiveness as a key component of coaching, facilitating, leadership, strategy and career development.
The Passion Mapping process enables you to listen deeply to your own inner dialogue and multiple intelligences. In fact, those who have created their own Passion Maps are much clearer about their own priorities and values, feeling a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their life and work.

What to Expect

The program begins with a self-reflective workbook which allows you to explore key themes around your passions and visions. This is followed by different individual facilitated sessions. These sessions focus on discovering and connecting with your passions and what is most important in your life and work. There will also be a telephone check-in with your practitioner to review progress and to provide support.

  • Self-reflective preparatory workbook
  • 3 online facilitated sessions (2 hrs. each)
  • online integration course
  • Personal Passion Map™
  • Certificate of completion
  • Check-in session with your practitioner

Discover what you are passionate about. Deepen and validate your sense of self. Learn new skills for self-insight and life balance. Develop focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose.




Passionate people who want to change the world
People who feel stressed & disconnected due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Individuals from all walks of life who want to connect with their inner knowing & intuition in a deeply personal and experiential manner
Individuals intending to join a Couples Passion Mapping program


  • Connect with, realise and reveal the things that you are most passionate about
  • Have clarity into your own priorities and values
  • Understand what drives you at the deepest level
  • Create authentic visions, goals and aspirations
  • Discover how passion and purpose are connected and why they are the keys to doing something that fulfills you
  • Breathe new energy into how you view your own life.
  • Create your very own Passion Map to serve as your guide along the journey, which will start in the workshop but will continue long after.
  • Understand the sustainable changes needed to transform your life for the better accelerate your personal development journey
  • Harmonise your inner passions with the outside world, translating your sense of purpose into meaningful and lasting positive action
  • Inspire others with your new-found insights
Passion Mapper
$200in USD
  • Special rate for Passion Mappers who want to refresh their Maps.
  • Please send us an email if you have not yet received your special code.
Deep Dive Program + Online Passion Mapping Training bundle
$1997in USD
  • best deal!
  • includes the online Deep Drive Program plus the online Passion Mapping Training
A little like having the ``layers of the onion`` peeled away to reveal more of a truth about one's nature.
Nigel Gilderson
Building my own Passion Map was awesome. It was such an amazing experience to build my map by exploring what I was passionate about. I would recommend doing your own Passion Map.
Leanne BlaneyAdventure Coach, Award-Winning Author “Adventure School for Women”
If you engage in the process, it will change you. It has changed me and left me with a truly open mind, open heart and open will.
Philip PetrieExecutive Director
I found my program to be an invigorating and rewarding process. It helped me to gain a very clear perspective in the operation and future growth of my professional services business. It enabled me to be more open to opportunities to organically grow the business and fill specific gaps in the range of services and skills we offer.
Stephen DigbyLawyer, Digby Law
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