Byron Bay, Australia

Peter Wallman

Peter Wallman is the Australian inventor of Passion Maps™ and co-author of “The Wisdom of Passion”. As Passion Maps™ enable individuals and collectives to connect with their deepest essence and to generate clarity about what i most important for them, they have been used in different Organisational Development situations including leadership development, team building, innovation, coaching and OD strategy. Peter worked in multiple roles and industries before focusing on the power of passion for improving organisational performance. One of these roles was 10 years where Peter held the position of CEO of an international investment bank. He has also led Passion Mapping™ Retreats for one of the world’s leading consulting firms for senior executives from diverse geographical locations and cultural backgrounds. He is a world leader in techniques to discover, ignite and direct passion in people and organisations. As principal facilitator of Passion Maps™, he personally trains and accredits practitioners. Peter also leads retreats designed to unleash the collective genius of global leaders.


Sydney, Australia

Roger West

Roger is a Director of WestWood Spice, a consultancy working with leaders in the areas of social justice, human services and sustainability. He is a former lawyer, and was Commissioner for Community Services in NSW. With WestWood Spice he is an advisor, coach and forum facilitator. He has a passion for enabling and improving the impacts that these leaders can have in the community and for the people they serve. He uses Passion Maps with his clients to help them build resilience, clarity of vision and strength of purpose.


Auckland, New Zealand

Natasha Morales

Natasha grew up in Canada and Mexico and has lived and worked in Japan, Australia, Thailand and now New Zealand. Natasha is a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and PEP consultant. Her multi-cultural background and strong presentation and communication skills enable her to facilitate life-changing results in both individuals and groups.

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