How Kathleen Jordan’s Passion Map Helped in Her Recovery from Stroke

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“A few years ago, I had a major hemorrhagic stroke. My daughters were told not to expect me to survive and that if I did then a nursing home was my best outlook. We were also told to consider an NFR (not for resuscitation) order for me. I was 63. Certainly not ready for retirement or vegetation!

I hope some of you have read my book “Standing Up! My story of Hope, advocacy and survival after stroke”. This follows my struggle to normalcy over five years. In the book, I talk about how focusing on my passion elements helped my survival and rehabilitation.

Some examples are reminding me that I have a good sense of the ridiculous when meals were delivered with things I can’t open with one hand! If a personal Carer or nurse hurts my left arm, reminding myself I am a compassionate and not an angry person. Maintaining hope to embrace life as I always have.

Six years later, I moved into a stunning apartment in a retirement complex. I am about to do some work for a major medical institute. Although I have some physical limitations, I continue to defy the medicos’ dire predictions. My Passion Map has helped me stay true to who I am.”

– Kathleen Jordan
Senior Leadership Coach, Melbourne

Watch Kathleen’s Interview on Radio Toni & The Passion Project

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