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"I go home deeply thankful for the gift of being able to share Passion Mapping™ with others"

- Maralyn Cale, Life and Business Coach


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Remote Programs

We bring our Passion Mapping programs and courses online, allowing people to experience the power of Passion no matter where they are in the world.

Classic Passion MappingTM

Personal Passion Maps™ enable people from all walks of life to connect with their inner knowing and intuition in a deeply personal and experiential manner.

Relationship Passion MappingTM

A Relationship Passion Map™ is a powerful way to take your relationship a giant leap further – to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation of your’s and your partner’s passions and the way each of you approaches the world and your relationship. In the program you will clarify your highest intention for your life together; open new channels of communication.

Organizational Passion ProgramsTM

An Organisational Passion Program™ is a new way to build and sustain healthy work relationships. Drawing from the wisdom of the Passion Mapping™ process, it is a composite map of the passions and strengths that parties bring to the relationship and the vision that they share.

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By joining our community of Passion Maps™ Accredited Professionals, you become part of a growing international community of skilled trainers, facilitators and coaches. Being a Passion Maps™ Professional, you’ll gain access to high-level resources, support, networking opportunities and Passion Mapping™ applications.

Remote Programs

We bring our Passion Mapping programs and courses online, allowing people to experience…

Passion Active

Fans, players, coaches, sports psychologists, owners, managers and sponsors all do better with…

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“A little like having the "layers of the onion" peeled away to reveal more of a truth about one's nature”

- Nigel Gilderson

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