Coaching Accreditation

Inspire your clients – be at the leading edge of coaching by being an accredited Passion Maps™ Coach. You’ll gain access to high-level resources, support, networking opportunities and Passion Mapping™ applications. Our Passion Maps™ Coach Accreditation pathway enables you to build on your facilitation skills and capabilities and deliver added value to your clients as an accredited coach.

Become a skilled facilitator in the processes of Personal Passion Maps™, Relationship Passion Maps™ and Organisation Passion Maps™. Build strategies to integrate Passion Mapping™ techniques and programs into your existing business or practice. An accredited facilitator points the Client in the direction of their core passions while holding a safe space.

Our Passion Maps™ Professionals are committed to using the transformational power of Passion Mapping™ towards creating a more passionate, conscious and sustainable world. Through following the Passion Mapping™ Facilitator Accreditation pathway you begin a powerful journey that involves

  • Four days of an intensive training workshop building key knowledge and skills
  • Followed by a 3 month qualifying period during which you are required to complete 4 qualifying Personal Passion Mapping™ programs and participate in webinars
  • A practical, experiential program to deepen your own experience of the power and potential of Passion Mapping™
  • Become a skilled coach in the unique techniques of both Personal Passion Mapping™ Relationship Passion Mapping™ and Refresher Passion Mapping™
  • Build strategies to integrate Passion Mapping™ into your existing business or practice
  • Participate in a global practitioner network
  • Access practitioner resources on our website which includes marketing and promotional material.
  • Apply for advanced training programs
  • Attend and co-create Passion Maps Bombora practitioner gatherings
  • Receive client referrals from Passion Maps
  • Develop the foundational skills to facilitate Personal Passion Mapping™ Programs – helping others to literally transform their lives by discovering passion – bringing clarity, purpose and potential to life.
  • Expand your own skill set and add modules on Passion to your existing programs for clients – adding real business value to your portfolio and attracting new clients.
  • Help organisations reach performance improvements in innovation, leadership and business development.
  • Accelerate your own journey, personally and/or professionally, using passion as the guide to uncover new internal resources and to help others.
  • Learn how to harmonize your inner passion with the outside world, translating it into meaningful and lasting positive action.
  • Make a lasting difference to the lives of clients, colleagues, friends and whole organisations.
  • Join our growing global community of professionals to learn from, share techniques and experiences, and exchange ideas and client referrals.

“The Passion Maps™ Accreditation Program is comprehensive, thorough and fun. Not only did it give me all I needed to confidently conduct my own mapping sessions, but it also gave me lots of ideas for how to integrate it into my existing consulting and coaching practice.I would have to say it is one of the richest and most satisfying processes I have ever experienced. I wasn’t confused or in crisis before I started, but I have come away more energised and clearer about what is important to me, what I want to do and where I want to be – now and for the foreseeable future.” – Roger West, Senior Consultant, Westwood Spice