Passion Changes Everything

We offer a diverse range of unique individual and collective programs designed to work across all cultures and professions. Our business aims to uplift the human condition and make a significant contribution to the global challenges that we currently face.

Passion Maps™ programs use powerful processes that enable people to realise their passions and visions in their own unique way. Our programs have created amazing results with organisations across a diverse range of industries such as IT, professional services, financial, telecommunications, government and not-for-profit sectors. All of our programs are capable of being assessed qualitatively and quantitatively as we aim to deliver only magnificent programs for clients.

Passion has inspired whole organisations, individuals, business partners, teams and leaders to work to their full potential and passion. Passion has brought people together in community, developed a shared understanding of one another and potent way of working together in an ever-changing world. Organisations that use passion effectively and genuinely have a much greater capacity to achieve business goals and make a difference in the world.

Our core program, the Personal Passion Map™ Program, is facilitated as three face-to-face sessions with an accredited Passion Maps™ Practitioner. Currently, we have practitioners in Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand.

We also work closely with the Passion Foundation to support their programs designed to achieve social and environmental justice.


Passion Changes Everything

The word passion conjures up as many definitions as there are people. There are many words and images that come to mind when people talk about ‘passion’. So we would like to share with you what we mean by passion, which we describe as; “The deep inner drive to reach for what you love”. So, for us, passion is internally driven, enduring and quite different from motivation which we characterise as externally driven and often time specific.

Passion is not just a philosophy but a way of living that reflects an individual’s deep inner drives and what makes their life most meaningful. Passion, for us, is about energy, flow as well as deep intuition and emotion. When we connect and act from a place of passion we can transform our lives in a very powerful way.

We believe that every individual has passion and can access it at any time. Experiencing the energy and vibrancy of passion can be dependent on whether a person is fully connected to their own passion and enacting it. No other person’s passion is ‘higher’ than another person, rather passion is a pure expression of what is most authentic and meaningful.

Passions can evolve over time as we change and evolve as individuals. Passion Maps™ enables you to stay attuned with your passions, and what energises and inspires you. Passion is a free sustainable renewable energy that can be accessed anytime to tap into what we truly love!

“We developed exciting initiatives that I know in my heart will serve the world” Dr Erin Evans


Tracking passion to its source enables you to discover and experience at the deepest level your authentic sense of self. This is the place you are in when you have completed your Personal Passion Map. Over 3,000 people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, have done this and all are surprised at the power, clarity, inner peace and creativity they find.

Energy And Inspiration

This is why the ‘p’ word (passion) is now trending in organisations. Companies are figuring out that having a whole lot of vacant bodies at work doesn’t do a great deal for productivity. These days the word passion is beginning to replace words like motivation and engagement. This is because awareness is growing that passionate staff – and that means from the floor to the CEO – are happier, work harder, and excel way beyond those who just want to get their bonus, get out and go to the pub.

Making Life And Career Choices

For all our wonderful time-saving devices, there’s less time to enjoy our passions it seems. Apparently, the majority of people in the workforce are now working longer – 40 percent of full-time workers now do more than eight hours a day and one in five work more than 50 hours a week.

Personal And Relationship Renewal

For all our wonderful time-saving devices, there’s less time to enjoy our passions it seems. Apparently, the majority of people in the workforce are now working longer – 40 percent of full-time workers now do more than eight hours a day and one in five work more than 50 hours a week. Certainly not a recipe for a passionate life. Large numbers of people are simply too tired to contemplate a life after work, let alone giving the best part of themselves to loved ones, family and friends. Neglecting one important area of your life can deeply affect the quality of other areas. A toxic relationship at home can affect your ability to relax and focus at work.The reverse is also true. Namely, wholeheartedly pursuing a passion that is important to you, (perhaps something neglected of late) can bring major changes to the whole landscape of your life. Doors open, the dust and mothballs are swept away, and new opportunities emerge, often in unexpected ways.

Informing Life Transitions

Do whatever you can to join that 12% who love what they do – either by finding ways to boost your passion in your present situation, or moving on to greener, more passionate pastures. Our response to the changes that life presents and that are part of the human experience, are greater managed through a deep connection with who we intrinsically are. Managing emotional energy is all about our ability to connect with ourselves and others, to be able to listen, have empathy and to adjust our responses accordingly. It is about recognising what you are feeling, listening to that, and responding to situations, rather than reacting.

Identifying What Makes Life Most Meaningful

Leaders and the people around them, cannot keep achieving new goals and inspiring others without understanding their own dreams and doing something about realising them. It is very difficult to be inspiring when you are feeling unfulfilled in your own life. So if you find yourself saying “I feel trapped,” “I’m bored,” “I’m not who I want to be,” “I can no longer compromise my ethics,” perhaps it’s time to take stock, take time out, reflect on your dreams, or work with a coach or mentor who can help you do that.

Harmony And Inner Peace

It can be easy to feel powerless, and difficult then to get in touch with what we really want because we don’t see a means of getting it. “There’s no time”, “I’m too tired” “nobody listens to me” comes the weary cry. This is why some people find it impossible to figure out what they really want. As soon as a desire emerges into consciousness, a doubt squashes it – “Forget it. It’s not possible.” So most people forget it. The result is a kind of ‘checking out’. My body is at work, or wherever I am, but the rest of me is back at home in bed or at the golf course.