Relationship Passion MappingTM

Our Relationship Passion Maps™ program offers a new approach to contemporary relationships and is designed to give couples the ability to consciously create their relationship in their own unique way.

A Relationship Passion Maps™ program offers the opportunity to:

  • Discover and clarify your shared passions
  • Know the essence of who you are together
  • Explore the purpose and potential in you relationship
  • Create the direction and momentum you need to realise your dreams together
  • Develop passionate initiatives and steps to move forward as a couple

Once you have completed your Relationship Passion Maps™ program you will have a common language for your passions and relationship. You will also have a deep sense of who you are as a couple and your own unique Relationship Passion Map to guide you at any time.

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A Relationship Passion Map™ is a powerful way to take your relationship a giant leap further – to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation of your’s and your partner’s passions and the way each of you approaches the world and your relationship. In the program you will clarify your highest intention for your life together; open new channels of communication.

Typically the nature of an Organisational Passion Map™ arises from doing, creating and learning together, whereas relationships have a greater component of being and growing together. One consequence is that creating the shared intention is sometimes a more complex Process. Also more elements are generally contributed by mappers to their Relationship Passion Map™ than to their Organisational Passion Map™. Relationship maps can uncover between 10 and 20 elements.

There is the opportunity in Relationship programs for significant emotional content to arise, both supportive and less so, of the relationship. The facilitator encourages this by being centered, present and ever vigilant to avoid being drawn into a ‘therapy’ or a ‘storytelling’ space. There is a great sense of sacredness about witnessing the essence of an intimate relationship.

“Along with a Personal Passion Map™, a Relationship Passion Map™ is an excellent catalyst in helping to not only define what your own passions are but also discover those of your significant other…bringing both together so that you have a kinesthetic blueprint to go by as you proceed through your life’s journey.” – Dr Tyler Eidt, Chiropractor, Wellness Educator

“I have just found out how amazingly powerful Passion Maps are. 2007 I did my personal passion map and I almost had forgotten about my intention/work in the world: illuminating through awareness, inspiration, hope and love. Totally independently in 2013 this was channelled by Qala (Byron Bay) as my “keepership”: Keeper of angelic kiss of illumination. Since then I have tuned in with this keepership and know it is my destiny in this life. And Passion Maps had given me access to this mission without needing a channel. Just by tuning in to my deepest self in the state of integrated intelligence. Your process is incredibly powerful, I honour you for bringing this to us. Warm wishes for many people to be touched. (PS: In 2011 I also did the Passion Map for partners, that was very inspiring too).” – Sandra Otto, Helping Organisations Transitioning to the ‘Future Of Work