Classic Passion MappingTM

Who’s it for?

Classic Passion Maps™ enable people from all walks of life to connect with their inner knowing and intuition in a deeply personal and experiential manner. Classic Passion Maps™ have proven their effectiveness as key components of coaching, facilitating, leadership, strategy, and career development. Our Passion Maps™ Programs combine unique energising patterns with an individual’s personal vision.

Not doing something you love? Isn’t it about time you started out on the journey?

Life’s too short to live on anyone else’s terms but your own. If you’re not where you want to be right now it’s easier than you think to change it. You first need the help of your passion.

Passion is inside you – find it, unlock it & learn to direct it

This will give you the energy, clarity, creativity, and purpose to bring meaning and value to your life… it really is that much of a life changer.

Here’s your chance to change your direction – and all you need is the will and a little guidance and tools that Passion Mapping™ offers.
A Classic Passion Maps™ program is an ideal place to begin a journey towards realisation of your own unique passions and what really matters to you. This program is a gateway into living your passions in the fullest, most authentic way. It offers a safe, holistic approach that accesses and brings together your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Why do the program?

A Classic Passion Maps™ program provides the opportunity to:

  • Connect with, realise, and reveal the things that you are most passionate about
  • Have clarity into your own priorities and values
  • Understand what drives you at the deepest level
  • Create authentic visions, goals, and aspirations
  • Discovering how passion and purpose are connected and why they are the keys to doing something that fulfills you
  • Developing a clear idea of what really drives you
  • Breathing new energy into how you view your own life
  • Creating your very own Passion Map to serve as your guide along the journey, which will start in the workshop but will continue long after
  • Understanding the changes you need to make to transform your life for the better, sustainably and without the magic pills promised by others
  • Accelerating your own journey, personally and/or professionally, using passion as the guide to reach new heights
  • Harmonizing your inner passion with the outside world, translating your sense of purpose into meaningful and lasting positive action
  • Inspiring others with your new-found insights

Finding your passion doesn’t have to mean quitting your job and making huge life changes – though feel free to do that if you see it as your way forward! Much of what you will learn will help you find more meaning and direction, and the resulting changes will therefore feel natural. While the focus is on your personal passion it’s not just for individual application. Businesses can use the learning points to enhance leadership, creativity, and teamwork.

You can complete your Classic Passion Mapping™ program through a number of ways to suit you: face-to-face or remotely with your Accredited Facilitator or Coach, in a Passion Mapping™ workshop or retreat – including any of the Senior Leadership Retreats, in any of our Organisational Programs. You can even create your own event! The choice is yours!

Click here to meet one of our Passion Maps™ Professional Coaches and start planning your Passionate life.

“The Passion Maps™ process involves guiding clients into a heightened state of body-mind awareness, mapping their bodily responses to phrases and words, helping them discover their passions and create their own unique map.” – Peter Wallman, Inventor And Founder Of Passion Maps™

What you get and how you get it?

– A beautiful Passion Mapping™ Workbook which you can download and begin some of the processes to kick-start your Program
– A set of Passion Discs on which to capture your insights during the Program
– A heavy-gauge Art Template to create an inspiring image of your own Personal Passion Map™
– Certificate of completion of the Classic Mapping™ Program
– 30-Day follow-up encouragement
– Clear outline of continued education and training in Passion Mapping™

Philip Petrie

Executive Director

“If you engage in the Passion Maps process, it will change you. It has changed me and left
me with a truly open mind, open heart and open will.”

Robert DePinto

IT Consultant

“My Passion Map has helped me to identify, articulate and understand my key drivers,
strengths and values. This map has now become a strategic and tactical tool for me to