Organizational Passion ProgramsTM

An Organisational Passion Map™ is also about shared vision, and a deeper sense of understanding between members. It is about working towards the highest good of the organisation allowing members to discover powerful tools to help them understand the
way they work in a team and also the different drivers, talents and aspirations of their own and the other team members. An Organisational Passion Map™ is about unlocking the power of passion and bringing out the best in everyone, focusing on and working with strengths rather than weaknesses. This helps lead to a deeper sense of meaning and direction in the group and thereby enhancing individual and group performance.

At the end of the this process, members will have developed an organisational map and explored ways to use it to inform the way forward. They will also have developed some personal initiatives based on the their map. Who can do an Organisational Passion Map™? Organisational Passion Maps™ can be facilitated for groups of up to 16 members (larger groups will need to be broken up) all of whom have done individual maps. The process works best when the group already have some sense of shared purpose – i.e. they are working together or have come together to achieve something. In other words, there is a shared intention. For example, it may be an existing team in a department, or it may be a group of individuals, such as consultants, coaches etc who have come together to support and enhance each others’ work.