Passion Active

Where would we be without Passion in Sport? It is not desirable it is necessary?

Fans, players, coaches, sports psychologists, owners, managers and sponsors all do better with more directed passion.

Passion is contagious between the groups – for example, ask an athlete what the effect is for them with performing in front of lots of passionate fans. They will tell you the more passionate, the better. So empassioning any group will benefit the others. We like to start with the athletes, the players.

In the case of competitive athlete’s, goals tend to be pretty clear: ‘run 100m in 9.8 secs’ ‘beat the Australian marathon record’ ‘win the Olympic gold.’ Athletes, by nature, are generally highly motivated or they wouldn’t be demanding so much from themselves in the first place. There is, very often, a deep passion to succeed, and this is largely taken for granted by sports coaches. Even the word ‘goal’ is very sports oriented. Often, a professional athlete requires a bigger plan, or ‘map’ for their competitive career. Our customised Passion Active programs will improve a sense of identity and performance for both individuals and teams and provide that map; to help navigate a physically and emotionally demanding life path.

Athletes are inherently passionate but when retiring need to find new passions and transform to a new life. Our next phase coaching enables players to understand the holistic nature of who they are and what new passions can support their transformation. During the program, they will develop their own Passion Map™, generate a deep sense of independence of playing a sport. Then they can develop a clear life purpose based on their wholeness and integrity as well as a powerful vision. If they choose, they can then engage a coach skilled in passion work to act as their guide to a new transformed life.

Having previously relied on outer performance and adoration, with the onset of next phase If players do not find their inner essence it often leads to the opposite of passion – that is, depression.

“I am a lot more powerful than what I expected of myself”.

– Tatafu Polota-Nau, Australian Wallaby