Hatching Passion Across the Globe

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23 September - 30 September 2019 | Global Passion Bombora Retreat 2019

The egg.

Everyone knows what it is; everyone recognises it. The egg has been used for centuries as a symbol of new life and is symbolic around the world. In some cultures and religions, it can also symbolise resurrection or hope.

You may be wondering why are we talking about an egg. That is because we now see the egg with brand new eyes.

In our recent trip to Bali, we gathered with people from 4 continents (8 countries to be exact–Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands) for the Global Passion Bombora Retreat 2019. 

Everyone came to the retreat with open minds and hearts and left with something more–a mission.

We are a movement for the benefit of the world.

The Birth of a New Mission through the Power of Passion

A mission of  being a movement for the benefit of the world was brought about from the Global Passion Bombora. A Team Passion Map™ was created through the Passion Bombora process and the image was a hatching egg. 

The Passion Bombora was then followed by Open Space Technology in order to create steps and initiatives that would support our Vision and Mission. Several members of the group birthed wonderful ideas, which they shared with passion and gusto with the rest of the group. Every member was free to attend each Open Space session, and invited to contribute insights, ideas, advice, and even connections or resources that could give the main initiative a boost. It was a beautiful sight to behold!


Unity in Diversity | Passion-driven #Belonging

Seeing such powerful outcomes coming from a diverse group is very fulfilling. Under ordinary settings and circumstances, it would not be as  easy to come up with a group initiative for people who barely know each other, coming from different backgrounds, and with different languages and cultures

Working at the level of passion is very powerful, because it transcends any social constructs created by humanity.

The result of the Passion Bombora was not only potent ideas and meaningful initiatives, but a strong familial community, who will forever be bonded together by this unforgettable experience.

We are a Movement for the Benefit of the World.


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