9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

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Could you be sabotaging your relationship, unconsciously? 

Avoid the 9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships.

Relationships are challenging. We do not receive a lot of instruction from the educational system, and many of us do not have effective role models to use as a healthy reference. No relationship is perfect. Relationships also come with a lot of ego sensitivity. Even the most laid back individuals can get quite dramatic when it comes to relationship issues. The prospect of rejection can make people do crazy things and THINK of crazy situations that have not even happened (yet). There is no doubt that relationships are sometimes very challenging to navigate. Sure, there are many things we should not do in a relationship, but today we will be focusing on the 9 common mistakes that ruin relationships.

1. Attempting to change the other person.
9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

If you have ever tried to lose weight or get yourself to do something you do not want to do, you know how challenging it can be to change. It is 10 times harder to change another person. Do not enter a relationship assuming you can mold your partner into something you can live with.

2. Avoiding confrontation at all costs.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Some things are not worth arguing about. The things that really bother you are worth addressing. Otherwise, how will the situation ever improve? You are setting yourself up to be annoyed, hurt, or frustrated on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Hard talks are necessary from time to time.

3. Not maintaining enough (reasonable) distance from your ex.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Your ex might still be your friend. You might even share children together. But there is a limit to what your current partner should have to deal with. Late-night, semi-intimate texts are out of line.

4. Focusing on the negative.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Take a few minutes each day to jot down those things you appreciate about your partner. You’ll find that you feel more positive about your partner. Make it more interesting by sitting down together and sharing what you appreciate about each other.

5. Failing to communicate your needs.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Men do not want to communicate. Many women think men should be able to read their minds. Neither is an effective way to manage a relationship. Take responsibility for your relationship and your happiness by communicating clearly. People have different ways of expressing their affection or appreciation, so be more aware of your love language and your partner’s love language.

6. Failing to take care of yourself.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Men and women are both guilty of this. A relationship is no reason to stop going to the gym or to start wearing your pajama bottoms to the store. As shallow as it may seem, part of the reason you fell in love with each other was based on your appearance. Take as much pride in your appearance today as you did in the past, but do not just focus on the skin-deep. Take care of yourself from the inside–make sure you are healthy emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. When you take care of your overall wellbeing, you are able to think clearly and make better decisions for yourself and your partner. 

7. Moving too quickly.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Relationships have a better chance for survival if they are eased into. When a relationship moves too quickly, there is one partner that is at least a little uncomfortable with the pace. Avoid rushing and enjoy the process. It is not just about the destination, it is about the journey.

8. Failing to give your partner space.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

You have a life together. You also have separate lives. Allow each other the space to breathe. You do not have to be joined at the hip 24/7. Allow your partner to pursue his or her passions–the things that make your partner energised and happy.

9. Disconnecting from your partner.

Over the course of time, some couples will feel disconnected from each other. This does not mean that your relationship is destined to fail, but both parties should take a step back and figure out the culprit. Why do you think you are feeling disconnected from each other? Is it a major life transition that neither of you have really talked about, feelings of being unappreciated, disagreement on the direction of your relationship, or  maybe just lack of quality time together?  


Establish a profound soulful connection.

An intimate relationship can add a lot of value to your life. However, that value does not come cheaply. They can take up a lot of mental space and create negative emotions. Relationships are challenging, but many of those challenges can be prevented by avoiding the most common relationship mistakes.

If you’ve had relationship mishaps in the past, ensure that you are not making any of these common mistakes. A few, small changes could make all the difference.

Go the extra mile in deepening your relationship by creating a clear statement of their highest intention for being together as a couple. Whether you need to establish a potent foundation for your relationship, want more passion and vitality, or you are just happy in your relationship and want to clarify your shared passions, we have got something that will ultimately give you a richer & deeper connection with your partner.

Our Relationship Passion Mapping Program offers a new approach to contemporary relationships and is designed to give couples the ability to consciously create their relationship in their own unique way.

9 Common Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

Are you guilty of committing any of the mistakes above?

Share your stories! What have you learned from your past mistakes and how do you maintain the harmony in your current relationship?

I have just found out how amazingly powerful Passion Maps are. 2007 I did my personal passion map and I almost had forgotten about my intention/work in the world: illuminating through awareness, inspiration, hope and love. Totally independently in 2013 this was channelled by Qala (Byron Bay) as my “keepership”: Keeper of angelic kiss of illumination. Since then I have tuned in with this keepership and know it is my destiny in this life. And Passion Maps had given me access to this mission without needing a channel. Just by tuning in to my deepest self in the state of integrated intelligence. Your process is incredibly powerful, I honour you for bringing this to us. Warm wishes for many people to be touched. (PS: In 2011 I also did the Passion Map for partners, that was very inspiring too)

Sandra Otto
Helping Organisations Transitioning to the 'Future Of Work
Relationship Passion MappingTM Program

Along with a Personal Passion Map™, a Relationship Passion Map™ is an excellent catalyst in helping to not only define what your own passions are but also discover those of your significant other…bringing both together so that you have a kinesthetic blueprint to go by as you proceed through your life’s journey.

Dr Tyler Eidt
Chiropractor, Wellness Educator
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